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How Proscreen Works

Proscreen offers a broad and well-proven digital platform for implementing a variety of performance-enhancing measures for employees. One of the measures is continuous measurement of the employee’s understanding and customer satisfaction - in one and the same process. Simply put, we like to call it “real-time self-insight!”


A unique measurement method where employees’ understanding and the customer’s experience become goals at the same moment. This makes visible positive and negative results immediately after dialogue and opens to be able to perform actions such as rescue - before it is too late and the customer’s experience becomes statistics!

Pool Progression

We encourage all participants to provide “the little extra”. Experience shows that this actually benefits everyone and that continuity of the increased individual performance is achieved after periods of activity.


The customer manager receives a bonus each time his own understanding “matches” the customer’s dice response. Any dissatisfaction is immediately caught up in the process - which in turn requires the case handled.


We increase performance by using the measured data for competitive purposes, which is visualized for employees via signage solutions. To avoid the “top seller” acting as a demotivator, employees only see themselves and their closest colleague who is in front and behind.

Why use Proscreen?

Increased feedback rate

Involve customers in shaping your business so they feel more attached.

Valuable KPI’s

Track the effectiveness of relevant sales activities.

Real time leads filtering

Implement a system to separate your buyers from non-customers.

Leads prioritization

Assess the value of the leads to have a more productive result.

Leads follow-up notifications

Be notified on potential leads that showed interest in your product.

Overall sales increase

Experience an overall performance increase in your sales process.

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