Proscreen offers a broad and well-proven digital platform for implementing a variety of performance-enhancing measures for employees.


  • Measuring Activities
  • Getting Feedback

Pool Progression

  • Lifting the entire team
  • Healthy Competition


  • Real-time recognition
  • Achievements


  • Inner Motivation
  • Outer Motivation

The key you need to unlock the potential of your employees

Regardless of the age or size of your business, a sales process can have a positive impact on the sustainability of your business. In fact, companies that had a defined sales process were found to have 18% greater revenue growth than those that didn’t. That’s a significant difference!

Measure activity, results and feedback

Measuring activity, results and feedback will allow you to gain greater insight and more easily discover new opportunities for success, as well as weeding out mistakes and shortcomings. This measurement can thus be used to give employees feedback on what they are doing right and where they can improve.

Create inner and outer motivation

Not all tasks are equally rewarding for employees, although they are important for the company. Assigning these tasks game elements, helps to change the approach that employees have and create inner and outer motivation.

Lift your entire team’s performance

Lifting the top 20% is very rarely a problem, but lifting the entire team is often complicated. Feedback to the individual and competition against others at the same level ensures that you always feel that there is something to “play” for.

Proscreen is helping businesses unlock the
potential of their teams.

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